Malcolm Taub

Malcom Taub has served as a member of BrainStorm’s board of directors since 2009 and was appointed Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board in November 2017.

Mr. Taub is now the Senior Partner of Taub & Lewis LLP, a practice specializing in litigation, real estate development, family, art and corporate law. Prior to that from October 2011, to December 2019 Mr. Taub was a Senior Partner in the firm of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, a full-service law and government relations firm. From 2001 to 2010, Mr. Taub was the Managing Member of Malcolm S. Taub LLP, a law firm which practiced in the areas of commercial litigation, among other practice areas. Mr. Taub also works on art transactions, as an attorney and a consultant. Mr. Taub has also served as a principal of a firm that provides consulting services to private companies going public in the United States. Mr. Taub has acted as a consultant to the New York Stock Exchange in its Market Surveillance Department.

Mr. Taub holds a BA from Brooklyn College and a JD from Brooklyn Law School.

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